About King Eggroll

Nestled in the heart of the Silicon Valley, King Eggroll restaurant offers unique yet personalized service to their customers. “For years, egg-roll addicts have been flocking to King Eggroll for a quick fix. They line up out the door of the tiny shop for the irresistible crispy egg rolls, dim sum or combination plates of Chinese standards.” Quoted from the San Jose Mercury News. With an innovative menu that fuses distinctive Chinese, French, and Vietnamese influences, King Eggroll has enjoyed long-standing acclaim as one of Northern California’s most famous landmark. When King Eggroll first opened it’s door in 1989, only 10 plates were offered. Today, over 125 specialty plates plus various appetizers are available everyday. The most popular items are shrimp balls, fried chicken wings, and of course the infamous eggrolls. King Eggroll caters to small or large events, even if it is on a short notice.

The Vietnam War has brought the Tran family from their hometown of Vietnam to the United States in 1980. The Trans and their eight children settled in Northern California to start new lives. The eight children, the order from oldest to youngest: Hung, Phung, Trung, Mindy, Victor, Steve, Paulette, and Jessie. Mr. Tran studied English as a second language while his wife worked in a market to provide for the family. Mrs. Tran received her first culinary experience from her mother when she was a girl growing up in a small town in Vietnam. She started to experiment with different ingredients and found that she had a knack for cooking. Mrs. Tran is gifted with an appreciative palate; however it was their uncle who encouraged the Tran family to pursue the food business. The Trans thought that opening a business was a great idea and that it will enable them to provide for their eight children. The opportunity came knocking on the Trans’ door in 1989 when a building fire occurred on Lundy Road. The Trans were able to take over the lease and begin their journey into the food industry. The name King Eggroll came from Mr. Tran. He did not want to be known as just another restaurant that makes eggrolls, he wanted to be known as the “King of Eggrolls” and the name stuck.

Like any small business, it was very difficult at the onset. The Trans worked tirelessly around the clock for several years. The children also sacrificed their youth to help run the family business. The Trans have never owned a business, much less run a business. However, their hard work paid off. King Eggroll is now an infamous landmark in Northern California. Newspapers rave about the restaurant for its unique flavoring, fast service, and unbeatable prices. For that reason, King Eggroll has been thriving successfully for over 18 years.